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The Publisher Sale featuring games published by Electronic Arts still lasts on GOG.

Take the chance to buy outstanding titles like Nox™ (-75%) and Clive Barker's Undying (-75%) before the sale ends on 30th May 2022, at 1 PM UTC.

Also, be sure to visit our blog and read articles on other discounted games from EA, including Wing Commander and Ultima series.
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I really hope we will see one day American McGee's Alice (2000) and Future Cop LAPD (1998), two of my favorite games :)
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I would If we could get some new releases from them. Already have most of the ones that I am interested :)
I could buy them, but as a gift only :/
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No, I can't! Add some more games.
Post edited May 26, 2022 by EnforcerSunWoo
Not it feels like a pushy clerk.
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Once you've added new games I will.
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The homepage has the sales up in big banners.

I noticed them already as have the majority of people who read these forums.

I've checked them multiple times as have the majority of people who read these forums.

But you think posting again in the forums about a sale is going to increase sales?

Spam spam spam spam.

(edit: at the very least, don't label this thread NEWS: - it's not news when you are repeating the exact same thing you posted earlier)
Post edited May 26, 2022 by lupineshadow
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Old thread for that specific sale is here:

And as already mentioned several times in that thread by several people - won't buy things I already own or that I'm not interested in, if EA needs more money, it must offer more games here.

If I were inclined to speculate I'd say that GOG reopened a new thread for the sale to draw attention away from the rightful demands of new releases in the previous one... almost every message asks for a release of a game here.
(I mean, they didn't bother to make the removal of A Vampyre Story a news article - luckily I had it already, I did not spot the thread until it was no longer a sticky and I check GOG and the forum daily: )
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I can't buy EA games on GOG because I own them all, they need to release more games here if they want me to buy them.
You really think that they would take the hint after this happening for quite a few years during posted publisher sales, but nope. Good to know that the 40th anniversary means something to both EA and GOG. Nothing like the same old games that most of us already own with the same old tired discounts. But, what the hell, it's a celebration is it not? P-A-R-T-Y!
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to join in on the choir: as a matter of fact, I can't, because I have all the games I'm interested in from EA on GOG, so please add some more, preferrably pre-2000 classics, e.g. the 2 Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes games
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How am I supposed to 'still buy great titles' when you haven't added any god damned new games in ages?

This thread now just makes the sale feel pushy. GOG your desperation is showing.

Bring new games. FFS.
Yeah I know but I want new stuff!!