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Forget fighting dinosaurs, dragons, etc. when you have this!

They should make a videogame about this, more fun than Jurasic Park with those annoying children.
Meh, still not as good as "XXX Avengers" when she played She-Hulk.
lol, wtf is this? :D
lol, I knew from the beginning that the one keeping the cup lower will win ;)
Is this fake?
The Japanese started it.
Probably fake

It is made in China after all.

bela555: lol, wtf is this? :D
Someone gave them too much sweets and chocolate!... Or they are mating...
zeogold: The Japanese started it.
Winnie! The puh.. -_-
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Maybe but it looks cool! Also for anyone that likes mascots
Emachine9643: Is this fake?
I don't know if it's real, but it seems like a cable issue :P

EDIT: yes, check the links to the full reportage
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Meanwhile, in India...
InfraSuperman: Meanwhile, in India...
OMG, that brought me to Indian Thriller XD

EDIT: and then to Wang Rong Rollin- Chick Chick.. ((O_O))
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I've always been partial to this bit of vehicular madness, myself:
phaolo: EDIT: and then to Wang Rong Rollin- Chick Chick.. ((O_O))
God damn it, even Drinkin' Boys seems sensible in comparison to that video.
Seems to be front end loader mating season.