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phaolo: EDIT: and then to Wang Rong Rollin- Chick Chick.. ((O_O))
InfraSuperman: God damn it [..]
Btw it's so absurd and catchy that I watched it two times XD
Even that name is.. lol.
Emachine9643: Is this fake?
I remember that one..

Something about the truck on the right pulled down a cable (that is hard to see in the vid), and the the oncoming truck snagged it and pulled it - resulting in the "flying" effect by vehicles caught up in it.

[Edit]: Oops - already explained above.. should have read the thread.. [at least my recall was correct] <g>)
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InfraSuperman: Meanwhile, in India...
None of you have seen the best. Btw this one, the one you linked and Indian thriller are all from my state. Feel real proud :P
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The Transformer movie budgets sure aren't what they used to be.
I was wondering, for many years now, why no one tried that before .
Fulfill the inner fantasy of seeing the Constructicons fighting.
TARFU: I've always been partial to this bit of vehicular madness, myself:
Using an alt or two or three to build up rep?