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So, I've never played any of the Witcher games, but after hearing so much praise about them, I think it's time to start.

I'd like to help someone else, who just like myself never played a Witcher game and wants to give it a try right now. I just bought an additional key for Witcher Enhanced Edition (taking advantage of the ridiculous promo price of one and a half dollars) and will be giving it away ASAP to a fellow gamer.

Let me know if you want to start playing the Witcher! My only condition is that you never played a Witcher game before and of course, that you don't already own the game I'm giving away (I won't be checking out your wishlist or anything, just act in good faith).

I'll come back to this thread in a few minutes and if there's more than one request, then will decide the winner.
Not in, but thanks for the giveaway. +1
Is anyone interested? I know it's a pretty cheap game to buy this weekend, but I think it's even better as a gift! :)

I'll send the code right now to someone who wants to start playing this series.
I'd be interested.
Thanks for the giveaway, but not in.

I already own the game, twice.
The_Raven: I'd be interested.
Done, just sent it to you, check your messages. Have fun!
I think reason almost all people own The Witcher EE is because gog gave away it a lot.
Also some awesome community members keep sharing their spare codes of TW EE.
The_Raven: I'd be interested.
damianweb: Done, just sent it to you, check your messages. Have fun!
Thanks, damianweb. I appreciate it.

However, I am currently getting an invalid code error for the key you sent me via chat.

EDIT: Okay, I tried this again today and typed the code in by hand instead of utilizing copy and paste. It I just feel silly. Anything I want to thank damianweb again for the giveaway.
Post edited September 10, 2015 by The_Raven