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Banned for antagonistic posting (trolling/flaming).
Banned for dissing my trolling ability.
Banned for being a troll.
Banned for snitching.
Banned for giving stitches to the snitches.
Banned for an ugly profile picture.
Banned for being the last person I see on this thread.
Banned for being below my name yet having the name of "Abovet".

Banned because you have yet to solve the puzzle I gave you.
Banned because I don't remember the puzzle you gave me and you need to redirect me to it.
Banned because I remember giving the puzzle to you the moment you created your GOG account. It's the puzzle about the suspects thing (do you know which one?).
Banned for not providing proof, I never remember receiving any such thing.
Banned for excessive banning.
Banned for thinking that banning could be excessive!
Banned for making me post too early and not getting the 6000th post! (Hah - I got it now!)

P.S.: Argh! The stupid thing just appended to my previous post. Attention: The next (6000th) poster will receive a year's supply of bottled water! Just go to your nearest lake and take a whole bunch of empty bottles with you. Congratulations!
Post edited December 22, 2015 by HeresMyAccount
Banned for no reason whatsoever.