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Banned for refusing to be credited for inserting the Marilyn Monroe portraits into the SEGA video game "Shinobi"
^ banned, because her actual name, Norma Jeane Mortenson, is seldom acknowledged
Banned because the real last name of Olivia Wilde is "Cockburn".
^ banned, because Mary Phelps Jacob was the creator of the modern brassiere
Banned for wearing one.
Banned for knowing what Victoria's secret is, and keeping the secret for yourself.
^ banned for witnessing me wearing that cute girl named Mary
Banned for butchering and skinning a girl named Mary.
^ banned for taking things so literally, anyone there could tell that she was a bit "clingy"

(actually, it was rather awesome)



GOG, You are banned for the double-post!
Post edited May 24, 2024 by Hooyaah
Banned for getting a 241 deal.
^ banned for abbreviating 2 for 1 as, "241" (the square root of which is an irrational number)
Banned because the square roots of most numbers are irrational numbers, so that's nothing special.
^ banned for not being anyone special
Banned because HMA is still special to me.
^ Yes, I admit that HMA is special, just like everyone else. You should be banned, for making it necessary for me retract my previous statement.