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banned for liking seagulls so much, that he had to get seven of them. That's kinda inappropriate.
Post edited May 29, 2023 by neumi5694
^ banned because Sheriff Seagal has a warrant for your arrest
^banned for shooting the sherrif but not the deputy (not for the lack of trying tho).
^ banned for placing that decoy scarecrow deputy, aiming my way, just outside the saloon door
Banned for never even being accused of shooting the deputy, according to a crappy Family Guy skit.
^ banned, because "Family Guy" is churlish at best
Banned for being correct.
^banned for expecting the unexpected and not expecting the obvious.
Banned for obviating the unobvious and not obviating the expected.
Post edited May 29, 2023 by HeresMyAccount
Banned for ovulating.
Banned for cooking omeletes with what came out of HeresMyAccount
Banned because I have some questions about those implications, but I'm too chicken to ask.
^ banned because you would not like the answers, which would be unrelated to chickens
Banned for hoarding forbidden knowledge.
^ banned, because disposing of answers in the depths of a volcano, does not constitute "hoarding"