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^ banned, because you would ban yourself if you only knew how wrong your previous statement was
Banned because I didn't need to, since I had you to ban me yourself.
^ banned, because the more the occasions on which you post here, the more often you will be banned
Banned for saying stuff that I can't disagree with.
^ banned for stuffing stockings with disagreeable things
Banned for stocking stuffing in a disagreeable way.
Banned because anyone who disagrees with me can get stuffed.
Banned for being stuff.
Banned for disliking stuffed animals.
Post edited November 30, 2022 by neumi5694
^ banned for not referring to the items in question as "plushies"
Banned for not referring to them in the way that I use them, as "flushies".
Banned for using your toilet in an improper manner.
^ banned for flushing out impropriety, wherever it rears its ugly head
Banned because I find propriety to be far uglier.
Banned for body-shaming propriety.