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^ banned, because even a dark knight is technically referred to as "sir"
Banned for being Bruce Wayne's butler.
Banned for being Wayne Campbell's butler.

Vinry_.: Banned because thank you for the biography. One question tho, you're not gonna charge me with anything right?
You're charged with electricity.
Banned because I want to know if you have any grey poupon.
Banned because Insult the Comic Dog could give you what you want.
Banned because I need to be more careful with what I wish for.
Banned for wishing upon a star rather than a lamp.
Banned because I only use a well for wishing.
^ banned for rubbing his lamp and shooting a star
Banned for rubbing something else and consequently shooting something else.
Banned for unlawful crucifixions.
Banned for being cross about people breaking the law.
Banned because I need to know what I'm required to be ready for.
^ banned for not getting ready for this
Banned because I didn't think twice before clicking that.