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Banned for not realising that ST owners need to be constantly reminded of their inferiority to the Amiga master race!
Banned because... BOB!? Is that you?!
Banned because that one isn't's just a random picture from the internet...
Banned for not realising that it is in fact a random picture of Bob... Wilkins from Norwich.
Banned for not shaving
Banned for bringing his horse in here.
^Banned for doing things to that horse, which consequently made you pull that face.
Banned for having bad assumptions towards other people, especially strangers.
Banned for filling in some of the blank by saying assumptions.
Post edited September 05, 2015 by AnimalMother117
Banned for not showing us all some cute, anime, ASSumptions... :P
Banned for making an a** out of u and mption.
Banned for extreme corn, not to mention cringe-inducing self-censorship.
Banned for not wearing clothes.
Banned for being Silent.
^Banned for not calling them Bob.