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Banned for referring to HMA as "other people" just because he is from other.
Banned for being unclear whether you're referencing His/Her Majesty's Arse or HeresMyAccount.
Banned for regularly meeting up with Her Majesty's Arse.
Banned for making voyer videos of these meetings.
Banned for watching the videos while drinking the liquid butter without eating any popcorn.
^ banned for thinking that they actually put actual, veritable "butter" on movie theater popcorn... it is actually Flavacol and disgusting "Butter Flavored (oily) Topping" with added food coloring.
Banned for dropping a series the moment you found out that one of your favorite characters was going to die in a later episode.
Banned for singing the battotai while brutally banning forum users.
Banned for not getting Mi Lu's autograph for me.
Banned for not even asking me to get it.
Banned because you just forgot about it.
Banned because you were the one who forgot to get me a Christopher Lee autograph, and now he is dead. Look at what you did here!
Banned for wanting to automatically graph a corpse.
^ banned for attempting to forensically document a corpse's positioning on graph paper
Banned for trying to use the graph paper to make a model of the corpse with origami.