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Banned for lacing my Chupa Chups with oxycodone.
Banned for playing with your organ.

EDIT: Banned for interrupting me and making up weird words.
Post edited August 16, 2022 by HeresMyAccount
Banned for not knowing about an amazing candy:
Banned for not understanding spanish. How do you even buy cocaine when visiting Bolivia?

Edit: Now this time you're banned for interrupting me and unbanned for good taste.
Post edited August 16, 2022 by InSaintMonoxide
Banned because I buy cocaine with a bullet to the dealer's face, then I donate the cocaine to the dealer's corpse.
Banned because that didn't end well for Tony.
Banned by my little friend!
I'll make you an offer you can't refuse: You get banned and i get to ban you.
Banned for making a very bad offer and then not allowing a refusal.
Banned for sneaking my favorite horse's head into my bed without waking me up, mainly because Lego horses aren't supposed to detach their heads!
Post edited August 17, 2022 by LegoDnD
^ banned because the head came off because someone wouldn't Lego
Banned for trying to steal my Lego horse in the first place, I need it for a Shadow of the Colossus diorama!
Banned for living in someone else's shadow. I don't know what that phrase means, apologies if it's something bad.
^ banned for not knowing about that of which you post... "living In the Shadow" of someone means that one associates with another person because they are much more accomplished, popular, or wealthy, etc. and one is there to bask in their glory, rather than make something of oneself
Banned because it sounds like I've been living in other people's shadows.