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Banned for promoting public nudity.
^ Banned because how is it public if you're showing your privates?
Banned for explaining why the stigma around nudity is foolish.
Banned because I want to play Overwatch, but there is stigma of playing Sigma.
Banned for wanting to play a game marketed entirely around the characters but instead of fallowing a story, all you do is have the characters (many of whom are friends) just shoot each other in pvp.
Banned for using the banana trick at self checkout to pay less for an expensive item.
Banned because twice I found Lego unattended passed the checkout and clerks have told me they're free for the taking.
Banned for committing the cool crime of shoplifting.
Banned for not reporting the crime to the police.
Banned because I participated in the crime. I better call Saul.
Banned for not calling Jimmy Cockroach or whatever his name was again ...
Banned for performing rituals that involve summoning cockroaches.
^ banned for imprisoning Jiminy Cricket
Banned for curb stomping LegoDnD.
Banned for screaming "That's a lotta damage!" in the middle of a crowd.