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Banned for not banning for not banning.
Post edited July 01, 2022 by ST0N3L3SS
^ banned for not wearing a Stetson
Banned for knowing what Stetsons are.
Banned because i happen to own an authentic Stetson and it is awesome.
^ banned, for being a non-Texan who can totally rock a Stetson
Banned because Chuck Norris looks phenominal in one and he is from Oklahoma.
^ banned, because Chuck Norris lives near Navasota, Texas at his 600 acre Long Wolf Ranch
Banned for stating relevant facts.
^ banned for irrelevant banning
^ Banned for continuing the streak of irrelevant bans.
^ banned for continuing to streak, even after numerous arrests
Banned for being the one who made the arrests on ZubatyZub.
Banned for arresting Hooyaah for such a trivial reason.
Banned for breaking out of jail.
^ banned, because tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak!