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Banned because I wanted to try whether I could ban you exactly 10 minutes after your ban. REAL TIME UPDATE: I'm still waiting for one more minute. F*ck. It's 11 minutes now lol. Posting it now..
Banned because timing is very important for someone with your duties!
Banned because I trust my fellow soldiers that they can survive for the few minutes in which I am late in providing them with the assistance they need.
InSaint is banned for reminding me of Nostalgia Critic's Casper.
Post edited May 21, 2022 by LegoDnD
Banned for reminding me of the countless times I heard your screams from your house in the morning as I was doing my daily jogging exercise. I take it you would always end up stepping on legos right after waking up?
Post edited May 21, 2022 by MovingArtillery
Banned for waking up, exercising and screaming, not necessarily in that order.
^ banned because I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Banned because you gotta fight for your right to paaaaaarty!
^ banned for crushing on Stacy's Mom
^ Banned for killing The Henchman's Wife, instead of sparing his life.
Banned because Hooyaah mentions at every opportunity that he is a malicious magician or something along those lines. What do you expect?

Hooyaah: ^ banned for crushing on Stacy's Mom
Banned for not posting the Bowling For Soup version.
Banned for confusing bowling pins with liquid ingestibles.
Bowled for banning pins with liquid things.
Liquified for pinning bans with bowls.
Pinned for liquifying bowls with pins.