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banned cause you're also a bad sword smith
Banned because your name is Word Smith.
^ banned on account of your name being "Heres"
banned cause there's no going back for moving on
Banned for moving and going both on and back.
Banned because this is what moving in winter used to be like here.
winter.png (215 Kb)
Banned because I said so
Banned for showing to the world that you were just so eager to ban someone despite not having the reason for it.
Banned for not having a reason to eat some raisins.
^ banned for stepping on a grape and causing it to let out a little whine
banned because you got drunk while playing games with wine
Banned for multiple Terms of Service violations
Banned for not making my dreams come true.
^ banned because your dreams would be considered madness by most blokes
banned for playing too much with baby laugh'a'lot