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Banned for summoning the one-eyed snake.
banned for summoning biggie
Banned because your summoning skills are not strong enough to conjure rappers of that caliber.
Banned for measuring rappers the same way you measure weapons.
^ banned by measuring rappers in inches and multiplying their height by their waistline and using that integer as a comparison
Banned for confusing rappers with telephone poles.
^ banned for confusing poles and the people of Poland
Banned for bringing up Confucius' pole.
Banned for having a pole and pitching a tent in an inappropriate setting.
Banned, once again, for being the highest pole in the tent.
Banned for being the southest pole on the planet.
Banned for thinking "southest" is a word.
Banned for being born in the MyAccount family.
^ Banned for pointing that out on my account. And it's just the Account family. My is my middle name.
Post edited February 06, 2022 by HeresMyAccount
Banned for not recognizing me as a word smith.