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^ banned for shoving protuberances through opening in outhouses
^banned for confusing acne and protuberances
Banned for being antituberance.
^ banned for being anti-The Tubes
Banned for posting external links.
Banned for reporting to internal affairs.
Banned for having an affair.
Banned because Valentine's Day is coming up, so my girlfriend doesn't mind.
Banned for cucking a woman rather than being cucked by a woman.
^ banned for allowing someone to reverse the placement of the "c" and the "f" keys on your keyboard
Banned for thinking that he intended to spell "fufk".
Banned for trying to fufk me in a McDonald's bathroom,
^ banned for leaving your "used" feminine hygiene item in the trash receptacle in the ladies restroom
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Banned for Mesozoic misgendering
Banned for denying that attack helicopters existed during Mesozoic Era.