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Banned for confusing a midwestern Saturday night with a Middle Eastern Wednesday morning.
Banned because the text next to your picture and user name says "new user" while you are obviously not a new user by any sense of the term.
Banned for getting stoned in a glass house.
Banned for getting wasted on a bin(ge).
^ banned for posting just above me... go something constructive
Banned for cheering on something constructive.
Banned for not being aware of mafia influence in the construction industry.
Banned for constructing a mafia industry.
Banned for refusing the offer.
Banned because that’s not how mafia works
Banned for going to work in the morning.
^ banned for opening a can of worms and not taking them for a dip
Banned for giving me flashlight ideas
Banned for giving people fleshlight ideas. Gross!
banned for getting high from your window crack