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^ banned for being an incomplete fossil in The National Museum of Natural History
Banned because it’s not my fault human women are after my bone
Banned, because they don't think your hands are useful.
Banned for making fun of dinosaur limbs.
Banned for having fun with tree limbs by hanging swings from them.
Banned for not allowing one to experience the joy of swinging.
^ banned for being a player
Banned because I am a player and I purchased the PS5 upgrade of the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves collection that released today and I was playing it and I'm not noticing any difference with the PS4 version to be honest.
Banned for expecting anything from modern gaming. Literally why GOG is my favorite, and even they disappoint me with exclusive pre-order dlc and unplayable old game builds.
^ banned for complaining to (and banning) an innocent (of the atrocities you cited) theropod on a Friday; It's the weekend dude, lighten up
Banned because last time my world was lightened up, everyone died.
low rated
Banned for killing everyone with bright lasers.
Banned for destroying Alderaan.
Banned for not retconning Alderaan back into existence.
Banned for thinking you can just wish things the way you want them to be.