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Banned because Michael needed a dairy god-mother.
Post edited December 09, 2021 by J Lo
^ banned for milking such cheesy posts
Banned for using cheese strategies in games instead of playing fair.
Banned because my favorite gamer-cheese was the Modern Warfare 3 demo where I keep prone behind cover and under tanks to sneak around a shootout with infinitely spawning enemies and they suddenly run out when I reach the next chokepoint.
Post edited December 09, 2021 by LegoDnD
Banned because war never changes, so the "Modern" and "3" in "Modern Warfare 3" are unnecessary.
^ banned because what changes in war are the players involved and the ordnance employed
Banned for loading your artillery with bans, and shelling this forum.
Shelled for banning your forum with artillery, and loading this bans... or something.
Banned for shelling when you should be banning.
Banned for being a turtle in a half-shell, instead of a whole shell.
Banned for assuming my shell completeness, unshelled one.
Banned because raccoons live in trash cans, which is kind of a shell.
Banned because the name Heidi is indeed a variation of Adelheid.
Banned for using form-adelheid to embalm Heidi.
Banned because I probably can't pronounce either of them anyway.