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Banned for obscuring transparency.
Banned for wanting to showcase nakedness.
Banned for wanting to show a case, whether it's naked or not.
^ banned for leaving a case unsolved... what sort of sleuth are you?
Banned for expecting sleuthiness.
Banned for smuggling an oversized cucumber ;)
^ banned, because you know that he's just happy to see you
Banned, because it always points to the north.
^ banned for leaving your southern portal open
^Banned for leaving the East Portal undefended
Banned for withholding the fact that the Eastern cake is a lie, too.
^ banned for not being able to use chop sticks adeptly
Banned for not being able to play Chopsticks adequately on a piano.
^ Banned for not being able to play whistle the theme of Green Hornet.
Banned for being colorblind and confusing yellow with green.