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Banned for not remedying the situating by inventing a rock and rolling chair.
^ banned for rolling the Stones when you should buy them each a rocking chair
^ No, no no! Wrong! You're banned! This is disinformation! Banned! You heard me?
^ banned for letting me ninja you, a Kung Fu master
Banned because all your base are now belong to us.
^ Banned, because ... did you know? The video game Kung-Fu Master is actually a licensed tie-in for the Jackie Chan film "Wheels on Meals".
oldgamebuff42: Banned because all your base are now belong to us.
^ Banned for interrupting me. Being slow shouldn't be punished in such a brutal fashion!
Post edited October 20, 2021 by InSaintMonoxide
Banned for being banboozled.
^ banned for pumped up kicks
^ Banned for kicked up pumps, and for kicking out the jams.
banned for forcing Wimp Lo to wear squeaky shoes.
Banned for discouraging anti-stealth measures.
Banned for not coating yourself with anti-radar paint. My radar can still detect you.
^ Banned for upgrading your radar for level 15.
^ banned, because after the Captcha I just had to solve to log in, you could have at least posted a more interesting reason
banned for revealing GOG secure login measures!