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Banned because Happy! was canceled.
Banned because banning people in this thread turned into a regular ritual of mine.
Banned, because banning people in this thread is my pleasure.
^ Banned for not feeling at least a little bit guilty.
Banned, because you're welcome.
Banned because thank you retroactively.
Banned for belated thanksgiving.
Banned because this cake tastes weirdly Quixotic and i blame you!
Banned because I have stuffed my new laptop to the brim with mostly Steam games, also many Good Old Games.
^ banned for violation of the Terms of Service:

Article One,
Section Five,
§ Three,
Paragraph Two
Banned for violation of the Terms of Service:

Article Three,
Section Nine,
§ Seven,
Paragraph One
Banned because the terms of service says banned people must go to the banned drow city, Menzoberr-ban-zan.
Banned for making that name-alteration too obvious with the hyphens.
^ banned for a reason, which if divulged, would end this thread and ban all who have even considered reading or posting in it
Banned because nobody seems to want to misquote anyone anymore. And what the hell's a §?