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Banned because I know what you saw last summer.
^ banned because I know what you did last Winter
Banned because I also know what you did last Autumn.
Banned, because I surely know what you stepped on last fall.
Banned for making a mess.
Banned because if it's the captain's mess, let him clean it up.
Banned for being Tennille.
^ banned for being senile
Banned because it's always senile in Philadelphia.
Banned for having Charlie's writing skills.
Banned for referring to Charles Manson
Post edited October 10, 2021 by InSaintMonoxide
Banned for referring to Marilyn Manson.
Banned and sued for singing Happy Birthday.
Banned for banning the singing of "Happy Birthday"
Banned because MightyFloTheKing doesn't ban the singing of "Happy Birthday". He just bans the birthday of everyone named Happy, or "Happy's Birthday".
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