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^ banned for apparently not understanding that InSaintMonoxide'd statement did soundly defend the feelings of ghouls, so your post is an intolerable error that warrants such punishment
^ Banned for only banning whiteflame199 for his intolerable behavior instead of putting a bad-luck curse on him! Thanks for breaking mine though.
^ banned for expecting a benevolent magic wielder to perform nefarious acts such as curse magic
low rated
^Banned because I must
Unbanned so you can help me eat this Pi(it's 3.14 flavor!) :D
^ Banned because why do you live again? I didn't realize you died in the first place! :O
banned cause the needs of the many outweigh your needs
Banned for assuming that he was even on the podium.
Banned for vomiting all over the cat.
Banned because the cat started it.
Banned for quite correctly putting the blame where it belongs.
Banned for agreeing with me. The cat approves of this decision.
Banned for letting the cat out of the bag.
banned cause you're a chatty cathy
^ banned for burying the catatonic cat in the Catholic catacombs after the cataclysmic catastrophe
Banned for 'cat' abuse.