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^ Banned for missing the point.

InSaintMonoxide: Banned because changing your username ever is deceptive and immoral.
Maenmeldir: ^ Would you really be a happier person if I changed my username back to Hooyaah?

I could work my magic. (∩`-´)⊃━*:・゚✧
^ Banned because i'm not prepared to meaningfully carry the burden of being responsible for someone changing back their username just to soothe my neurosis.
Banned because I am. Change it!
Banned, because I think, therefore I am going to ban you.
Banned for thinking! It's October! Why don't you try to be a mindless Zombie for once? Just grab hold of the next person you see and start eating their brain, killing them in the process!
Banned for advocating murder, especially on a sight where people are so ethical, and probably playing games in which they're killing hundreds of people.
Banned because I want no zombies on my lawn.
Banned for discriminating against the undead.
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^ banned for not just painting a sign for Instaboy that reads: "NO ZOMBIES ALLOWED ON THE LAWN"
Banned because plants are more effective against zombies than just a sign that we all know zombies can't read.
low rated
^Banned for not helping zombies learn to read....thus domesticating them for our own use and benefit


LegoDnD: Banned because that movie sucks.
The link is actually for the series, which is actually quite good.
(the movie is ok as well, but I like the series better)
Banned for making me want to watch Shaun of the Dead again, when I have other things to do.
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Banned, because you can do that other things during the Night of the Living Dead.
Banned for believing in life after death.
^ Banned for hurting the feelings of ghouls with your statement.
Ban because ghouls have feelings too you know