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^ banned for banning a good, beneficial magic wielder for not having invoked a curse or another maleficent act
Banned for actually being Maleficent in disguise.
^ banned for being Judy In Disguise
Banned for being Lucy in the sky with diamonds. That's either a very hazardous method of travel or a euphemism for drug-use.
Banned for turning offline not long after you had banned someone.
^ banned for suggesting that LegoDnD actually banned someone when what we do here is to provide a reason why the person above us should be banned
Banned for hypocrisy because you just banned him while explaining that.
^ Banned because i have a migraine.
Banned for wanting to deport the migraine.
Banned for not reporting the migraine to the mods to get it banned.
Banned for claiming to be a surgeon while actually being a butcher!
MovingArtillery: Banned for turning offline not long after you had banned someone.
Banned for not recognizing my need to sleep!
Banned for not doing cocaine instead.
Banned for not offering him some of your cocaine.
^ banned for condoning and encouraging the use of drugs in a public forum (you should do so in private)