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Banned for not finding a good sausage between buns and other alternatives.
^ banned for referring to a hot dog as a "dachshund sausage" in a bun
^ Banned for putting a bad-luck curse on me.
^ banned for blaming me for a curse that was placed upon you by an evil magic wielder [removes curse]

(you now have the aroma of lilac and gooseberries)
Banned for removing the curse from InSaintMonoxide, it was amusing to watch his string of horrible bad luck.
Banned for laughing at other people's misfortune.
banned for not having caught the big witch's pole which was stretched
^ banned for not saying which old witch
Banned for trying to get me to quote a Wizard of Oz musical number.
Banned for not falling into Maenmeldir's intricate trap.
Banned for not springing Maenmeldir's intriguing trap.
Banned because the trap is shaped like a trapezoid.
Banned for having asymmetrical Traps. You can avoid this by doing compound exercises, instead of doing 20 reps of iso. exercises with one shoulder and ten with the other.
^ banned for providing suspiciously fallacious advice
Banned for recommending physical exercises to other users, gamers should only do e-sports.

@Maenmeldir: You're banned for not putting that curse back on InSaintMonoxide.
Post edited October 04, 2021 by morolf