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Banned for wanting to sue Sussudio.
^ banned for Philling Collins... or was it filling colons?
Banned because I think it's the former.
Banned for falling off of a latter.
^ banned for possessing the temerity to place your post immediately antecedent to that of my own
Banned for assuming that R. Kelly is a water sports coach.
Banned for not having the guts to let your gut come up with a more tasty vocabulary.

Edit: Ninja'd.
Post edited October 02, 2021 by instaboy
Banned. Please purchase the Reason-For-Banning-DLC(TM) for the time-limited discount price of only 99,99 $ to find out further details.
Banned for not mentioning the 100% off discount voucher code.
Banned for discounting other things that were mentioned instead.
Banned because the discounts aren't stackable.
Post edited October 03, 2021 by LegoDnD
Banned for a bad dismount.
^ banned for losing your balance on the balance beam
Post edited October 03, 2021 by Maenmeldir
Banned for not finding a good balance between beams and other alternatives.
Banned for not finding a good balance between bans and other alternatives.