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Banned for the overuse of an inordinately boring word.
Banned for putting Christmas tree lights on your hat.
Banned because I'm back on line, at last! :D
Banned because WiFi isn't so hard to get on the moon.
^ banned for keeping LadyOnTheMoon in your oubliette all this time and feeding her nothing but bananas
^ Banned for conveniently leaving out that it was a totally voluntary, non-hostage stay.
Banned for using mind control on ladyonthemoon in order to get her consent to become your hostage.
^ Banned because i'm not King Louie.
Banned for raising suspicion that you might be Brother Louie.
^ banned for actually being Louie Louie
Banned for being Louie Anderson.
Banned for publishing Hooyaah's real name.
Banned, because Wang is your real last name.
banned for disclosing a real name on a forum full of pseudo-anonymous
^ banned for wanting to sue Do Ano Nymous
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