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Anyone who's reading at more than 589304335864698630356 posts per page is banned.
^ banned and forced to string exactly that many posts of barbed wire for posting such an unwieldy and high integer
Banned and required to feed the zombies who dwell in the basement of GOG Castle, but not with yourself. . .that would just be too cruel.
Post edited September 29, 2021 by oldgamebuff42
Banned for not wanting to be cruel in a post-apocalyptic world of zombies.
^ banned for that and you are therefor the one who shall accompany me in the GOG castle basement, aka dungeon
^ Banned because you can't take HMA to the dungeon! Your license ran out!
Banned for not typing "loicense".
Banned for thinking that's a word.
^ Banned, because you are not who you claim to be!!!! IT'S YOU, MOROLF!!!! ADMIT IT! AHHRGH. *passes out from hyperventilation*
Banned for feeling hyperventilated.
Banned for a reason you yourself have to guess.
Banned for a reason that you will only know when the time has come.
Banned for a reason which is unreasonable.
^ banned for being unreasonable
^ banned for accusing someone who was being perfectly logical of being unreasonable.