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Banned for trying to bury confusion about lineage.
Banned for trying to bury those who get confused about lineage alive.
Banned for wanting to bury the survivors.
Banned for providing le_chevalier with the shovel then blaming him for what he was about to do with it next.
Banned for using your artillery to bombard the ground, to make graves.
^ banned for discussing such a grave matter
^ Banned for digging graves just a little bit too much.
You live by the banhammer, you die by the banhammer!
Banned for making some statement about a banhammer rather than banning.
^ Banned for denying the Banhammer.
Post edited September 27, 2021 by MightyFloTheKing
^ banned for denying your inner child
Banned for denying your inny.
^ banned for being a ninny
Banned for being Albert Finney.
Banned, because you're Finn Nickie.