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Banned, because you should instead find the other half of Vingry first.
^ banned because the other half of Vingry is now Verlam
Banned because you can clearly see the two halves in his image: the dark orange one and the light yellow one.
Banned for showing your naked body in your avatar.
^ banned for making the emperor believe he was actually wearing only the finest raiment
Banned for fining the emperor because his raiment was not fine enough.
^ Banned for not only claiming that the emperor is a nudist, but also doing so in public!
Banned for not appreciating the transparency and openness your leader offers you willingly.
banned for asking the emperor "how's it hanging?", while he was wearing his finest raiment
^ banned for making locker room style size comparisons with the emperor and embarrassing and shaming him in the process
^ Banned for doing your mom too many times
Banned for banning the only person who can undweeb you. LOL
^ banned, because the individual in question is "indweebable" and it's cruel to give them false hope
Banned for being a bleeding heart.
Banned for being a Valentine's heart, which is actually just upside-down testicles.