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Banned for confusing bugles for beagles.
Banned for tooting your poodle.
Banned for booping your snoot!
^ banned for wearing a Zoot Suit on your date with Betty Boop
Banned for accusing me of dating Betty Boop.
^ banned, because is going out with your wife actually still referred to as a "date?"
Banned, everyone! for keeping the game on although I can no longer play... :(
Banned for not playing with us. Forever. And ever, and ever...
Banned for imprisoning many to play this game forever, and ever, and ever......
Banned for not handing out "get out of jail to play this game for life" to those prisoners.
Banned because you shouldn't be online now. Go to sleep please. The only reason why I'm still awake is because it's my shift right now.
Banned, so you can leave your shift to attend the independence day commemoration ceremony tomorrow.
Banned for commemorating a movie with Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman.
Banned for pulling Bill's man.
Banned for pulling a man's bills from his wallet.