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Banned for violating a non-disclosure agreement.
Banned for agreeing to disclose non-violations.
Banned for disagreeing with a nun.
Banned via gun for working on a Sunday as a nun.
^ banned because what he does on Sunday is nun of your business
Banned because impersonating a nun is a federal offense probably.
Banned because the best federal offense is a good federal defense.
banned cause thats nun-of-your-business
low rated
^Banned for spreading total non-sense. ;D


MightyFloTheKing: ^ Banned for not completing the job.
Oh, but I did ban them....twas a silent ban. o.0
Banned because it's actually nun-sense.
I ban all nun-talk and everyone who contributed.
Banned, because my banning power is second to nun.
Banned because how many people think bass can be the lead instrument in a band? Nun.
Banned because both listening to the bass and filling the mortally challenged with lead are very important when playing Doom.
^ banned for not being able to beat Doom on Nightmare without god mode (degreaselessness mode) or clipping