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Banned for disobeying General Waldersee.
Banned for ignoring General Lee Smart's advice.
Banned for being a smart ass.
Banned because my ass dropped out of first grade.
Banned for selling heroin and saying it's "banana powder."
Banned because you are not supposed to question a product's ingredients. Buy. Consume. Enjoy!
Banned for being a sell-out.
banned for selling yourself when you are already sold out
banned for insider trading
banned for being an outsider, peering menacingly in the window
banned for peering menacingly at the windows start logo, while your pc is loading
Banned for not peering menacingly at the Linux Mint logo instead.
banned for bad breath, your Linux Mint isn't working
Banned for not just giving the user above him a breath mint.
Banned because he was planning on giving HeresMyAccount orange juice if he ate the mint