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Banned for mentioning knowing but not red lasers and blue lasers
Banned for knowing about the one lasers, two lasers.
banned for forgetting bout three lasers
Banned for forgetting about remembering.
low rated
^Banned for forgetting to give me an extra minute to ban that other user ;D


Lords3: banned for forgetting bout three lasers
^ Banned for possibly suggesting that foliage be armed.
(everyone knows that we can't trust them tree folk, mmm hmm)
Post edited August 07, 2021 by GamezRanker
Banned for being too slow in banning the previous user, and then having nobody to ban you for 7 hours! I'll rectify that: you're banned!
^ banned for not having banned him seven hours sooner
Banned because no one reminded him that.
Banned because we all need reminders occasionally.
Banned because there are things that nobody should ever be reminded of.
Banned for having PTSD.
Banned for triggering someone somewhere sometime on the internet.
Banned because the internet needs a map.
Banned for not knowing about Mapquest (and no, Google Maps isn't a reasonable alternative!).
Banned for not knowing that search engines are the maps of the Internet.