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Banned because there are pills for that.
Banned for life, and if you become a vampire, unlife!
Banned for sentencing me to eternal ban-nation.
^banned cause you think the world energy crisis can be solved with nervous energy
banned for slaying zombies... I don't know how to refer to them are they "dead un-dead" or un-dead dead?"
^ Banned because he doesn't know that you have to kill a Zombie before it's a Dead Undead.
^ banned for having the sense of humor of a dead undead

Banned for having the ambiguity of a known unknown.
banned for locking up cats in a boxes
Banned for not calling slain zombies "re-dead", not that it stopped the residence of Hyrule's crypts.
Banned for fighting skulltulas.
Banned for trying to create peace when fighting is always the answer
Banned because there's no need to fight when you can ban.
Banned, because there's no need to ban yourself, when there are people willing to ban you for nothing.
Well said. BANNED! (no charge)