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Banned because friends don't let friends watch Friends.
Banned because banning officers don't ban other banning officers. That rule doesn't apply to me of course. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Post edited August 02, 2021 by Vingry
Banned for thinking you're above the law.
Banned because I've yet to watch a single episode of Law and Order.
banned for planning on watching Law and Order without telling me
Banned, because you're about to commit a crime and get caught, also caught on camera.
Post edited August 02, 2021 by le_chevalier
^ banned for installing video surveillance cameras in this forum
Banned for making insulting gestures aimed right at your personal surveillance camera.
Post edited August 02, 2021 by MightyFloTheKing
Banned because I saw you giving Maenmeldir the order to do so!
banned, because nobody orders a wizard to do anything, we merely do what we deem is appropriate for the situation
Banned because you are cos-playing as a wizard and have been lost in the idea that you are a real wizard
banned, for one man is an inadequate judge of another, more so the assessor of a wizard
Banned for taking a wiz.
Banned for calling yourself "The Wizzler" while running around in yellow spandex. (THIS WAS A REAL SUPERHERO I'M NOT KIDDING.)
^ banned for not being able to distinguish the significant difference between a superhero and a super-zero