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banned for personalizing your avatar
low rated
^Banned for tossing out the ghost that used to be in the middle of your avatar and replacing it with the name of this website :)
(and doubly banned for not admitting to being Bill Murray)
Post edited July 30, 2021 by GamezRanker
haha banned for telling the truth
low rated
^ Ba(h)nned again, cuz ewe can't handle the truth
Post edited July 30, 2021 by GamezRanker
Banned for editing a post and still not being able to correct his writing mistakes
Banned for being too cruel.
Banned for being too soft
Banned for being too hard.
Banned for being squishy
Banned for being rigid.
low rated
^ Banned for possibly finding the other half to the plus in front of my rep, and not giving it to me forthwith.
banned for highlighting his rep
Banned for not congratulating GamezRanker for recently reaching a new milestone with his rep.
Banned because the congratulation might sound like an insult. I personally wouldn't do it.
Banned for not looking on the bright side of a negative thing.