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Banned for poor taxidermy skills.
banned for no skills at all
Banned for using skills to pay the bills.
Banned for expecting to pay the bills without using any skills to earn the money.
Banned for expecting to pay the bills by selling accounts.
low rated
^ Banned for failing to mention they were only ask jeeves accounts(which have no real monetary value)
banned for still having an AOL account
^ Banned because who are you and what have you done to Hooyaah!!!?!
Banned because you're right! He chanced his name! How are we supposed to keep track of who's who if they can change their names?
banned for keeping track of account names
banned for hating on simians
banned cause i actually hate using monkey's audio, but don't hate simians
banned for being ill-deserving of your negative rep
low rated
Banned for not saving that ban for me
(and also for not yet visiting this fine giveaway I have made ;D)
Banned for being too kind to a point that the kindness meter can no longer measure it and goes minus instead.