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^ Banned for making a scene instead of banning someone!
Banned for not watching and enjoying the scene.
Banned for taking the scenic route home.
banned for walking in a rouge path
Banned for walking until you path out.
Banned for speaking with a lipth.
banned for kissing your mother with those lipth, you potty mowth
Banned for kissing your mother at all, you incestuous freak!
Banned for rejecting his mother's motherly love and pushing her away from his life causing her to lead a much depressing life of sadness because all her efforts to support her boy has lead to create an ungrateful man.

(HeresMyAccount, at your request I can edit this message if it has offended you in any way, shape of form.)
Post edited July 28, 2021 by BookCrazy
Banned for thinking that I would be so easily offended.
Banned because it seems you have become offended since you banned user above
banned for banning a valued member in good standing under false pretenses
Banned for telling Arnold false truths and true lies.
Post edited July 28, 2021 by J Lo
banned for mixing false and truths in a reverse order
banned for poor linguistic skills