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Banned for quitting your dayjob as a math teacher to become a luddite bombing universities and airlines.
Banned for not realizing that bombs are technology, so no luddite would use them.
Banned for worrying and not loving the bomb.
Post edited July 26, 2021 by MightyFloTheKing
Banned for making love to a bomb on the way down.
Banned for not catching the bomb before it hits the ground.
Banned because you hit the ground running.
Banned because a Pokemon would rather hit the ground flying.
Banned for the illegal acquisition of rare Pokemon.
Banned for thinking this is Ryme City, I can use as many poke-balls as I want!
Banned for poking balls.
banned for playing poke 'er
banned for betting his cat in poker
Banned for winning too much over Maenmeldir to a point that he had nothing else to bet other than his cat.
^ banned, both of you, because I don't have a cat and I didn't have one to use as collateral in a wager
Why should I be banned too?! *points at Lords3* He's the one who started it!