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Banned because I'm not a professional yet. I'm actually still an intern.
Banned for hiding the fact that I've just promoted you to CGBO (Certified GOG Banning Officer) yesterday, so that the other fellow banning officers could still assign you to less demanding tasks.
Post edited July 26, 2021 by Vingry
banned for not promoting me as a so called CGBO...
Banned for having too much BO to be a CG.
Banned because you're right.
^ banned because when I leave, you are left
Banned because when I'm left, I will also leave.
banned, for when you leave you will believe
Banned because i blame you and only you. Well ... maybe not only you, but you're definitely in the top 5 posters i blame!
Banned for having so many top 5 lists that you need top 5 lists of your favorite top 5 lists.
banned for using 'top 5' three times
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Banned for only noticing this because of your evident obsession with the number 3.
Banned because you did not write the number three in letters or in Roman numerical III, but in math style 3
Banned for dictating math writing.
Banned for being a math dictator.