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Banned for not supporting the obviously legitimate banner above you.
Banned because -These pretzels are making me thirsty!
Banned for not drinking beer with the pretzels.
Banned for not handing him the beer and veal sausages.
Post edited June 20, 2021 by MightyFloTheKing
banned for not suggesting Bratwurst
Post edited June 20, 2021 by Hooyaah
Banned for liking the worst brats.
^ banned for being one of them
Banned for being two of them, and also banned because my eyes are crossed.
Banned because 2014 is not a valid year
banned because it was seven years ago
Banned because i verifiably didn't even exist seven years ago.
Banned for being underage. Gog has too much adult content for children.
banned for not giving ISM a dachshund puppy... all kids should have a cute puppy
Banned, because dachshunds are very stubborn animals who need an experienced handler. Lizards and snakes are more suitable as pets for children.
^ banned because I have three dachshunds and each have a unique and adorable personality and are a great addition to the family