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Banned for wearing wig made of vermicelli noodles.
Banned for trying to shame other users for their baldness.
Banned for not using the medical term, alopecia.
Banned for making it too hot today; my only relief in my 4-mile walk today to visit yard sales were an iced soda found in front of a 7-Eleven and the second sale being run by 2 little girls who gave me a penny for being polite.
Banned for stealing money from those two girls.
Banned because the only money I "steal" is oodles of pennies off a strange man's driveway. When he caught me gathering them, not only was he bizarrely lax about it; he said he's been leaving them there for a long time and didn't say why. (I'd have been happy to fork over the multiple dollars worth, having gathered them for him if he wanted; but he just...lets me take them.)
^ banned for not at least starting a friendship with the old codger... Old folks know stuff and a few conversations could be fun and informative for both of you.
Banned, because that strange old man is surely an evil sorceror. He's probably put a horrible curse on MichaelD.965 with those pennies. Don't encourage other users to make the same mistake.
Banned because everyone's giving extremely long reasons for banning!
Banned for no reason
^ banned for not providing a reason
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Banned for reasons that can not be revealed, outside of the party leadership, at this time.
Banned for violating (exposing) the secrecy agreement.
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BANNED, BANNED, BANNED! You're not going to turn our forum into some dystopian 1984-hellhole! We don't need an "inner party" here.

@Borisburke: you're banned for your disturbing avatar which keeps me awake wondering what it's supposed to represent.
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banned, because these tater chips give me an "inner party" in my mouth and I am not sharing with a party pooper