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banned for wishing to be a little girl's teddy bear when you could have been Arctodus simus
Banned for ripping apart teddy bears
Banned for assaulting Ted E. Bear.
banned for not ripping apart teddy bears

edit: banned for ninja'ing me
Post edited June 15, 2021 by Fairfox
Banned because the next Bilderburg meeting will be held at a build-a-bear workshop.
Banned for brandishing a blunderbuss outside the Bilderburg bakery.
^ banned for loading said blunderbuss in advance of the brandishing
Banned because I made the blunder of using a frying pan as a drying pan.
Banned for going into the fire with a frying pan!
Post edited June 15, 2021 by Gromuhl
Banned for editing a sound-bit compilation which paired footage of Peter Jackson's King Kong fighting a V-Rex with lines from Beast Wars.

And you're all banned for not guessing that I was referencing Beast Wars.
^ banned because there's no telling what your mind will come up with at any particular point in time
Banned for pointing at time while people imagine things.
Banned for trivializing time and opinions.
banned for your trivial opinions about time
banned cause its about time for opinionated trivialities