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Banned because Conker would be having a better time if he could transform into a robot.
Banned for dragging Fulgore into this.
banned because this is a banocracy
Banned, because that's not true, it's a Morolfian monarchy. The bans are merely my vassals.
Banned, obviously.
banned, for having done so, thou hath doomed us all to rampant bandemonium, verily and forsooth
Banned for using archaic language and for doom-mongering.
banned, because your Middle English is rustier than your Middle Earth
Banned because English is not Johnny's middle name.
^ Banned because Mnemonic is Johnny's last name
Banned because Johnny is Carson's first name. Lloyd told me.
Banned because Christopher is Lloyd's first name.
Banned for being a staple of Banhood and Robanned.
Post edited June 15, 2021 by Elefuntitus
banned for being a banbot
Banned for picking a rat out of the DNA scanner when you could have been a terror-bird.