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banned for tasty leeks
banned for leeky tastes
Banned for squeaky brakes.
Banned for pasty teeth!
Banned for cheesy tweets.
Banned for accusing me of using Twitter.
Banned for pretending never imitated birds' tweeting.
Banned because now it's raining!
Banned for being polite enough to not ask the rain to go away, as people often do.
Banned for asking it to come again another day rather than staying gone forever.
^ ^ both of you lost boys above should be banned for not asking ladyonthemoon how it can possibly be raining on Earth's moon, Luna

ladyonthemoon: Banned because now it's raining!
^ Ma'am, please explain how there could be rain where you are, in Earth's orbit?
Banned for leaking on my leg and telling me it's raining.
banned for appearing as though you had become incontinent
Banned for stealing diapers from babies!
Banned for being deeply involved emotionally in your attack on truth and reality.